Transforming Mission Cornwall

'Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything i have commanded you.  And surely i am with you always, to the very end of the age'  

Matt 28






Transforming Mission Cornwall is our response to Jesus' Great Commission.  We are developing a model for the renewal of Anglican Church life across our communities, starting in Falmouth and Carnmarth South Deanery, which will be adapted and replicated across many other towns.  

In Truro Diocese we want to reach out to the missing generations by planting Resource Churches across Cornwall.  They will help to transform mission through planting Churches, raising up vocations, resourcing Churches, transforming society, and discipleship.

We seek to create a thriving church community that attracts and supports all ages including families and the student generation, and has at its heart a desire to spill out of its own walls to proclaim the Good News of Jesus.

We wish to see churches at the heart of our Cornish towns renewed and equipped, growing in numbers and in faith and attracting all generations.  These churches will work with each other and with our friends, they will help to grow the next generation of leaders, both lay and ordained, and as they receive resources to enable them, they will be generous to resource the village churches around them.  More information can be found here:

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Christianity is a Resurrection faith and we worship a God who is 'always making all things new'.  We have a Gospel of life and a promise that God will grow His Church.  We have a calling to respond in faith to this Gospel and this promise





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We're starting in Falmouth, which is one of Cornwall's larger communities with a significant and growing student population, a vibrant place of energy and vitality and recently identified as one of the very best places to live in the United Kingdom.  A combination of factors, including the size and nature of the Deanery and the growing commitment of the churches to work together across parish boundaries, has led us in faith to identify Falmouth as the right place to start, but we plant swiftly to apply what we learn in other comparable places, and to grow pioneering and prayerful leaders to minister in these, and other contexts.

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The programme is already under way recruiting key positions and to get the premises ready for the start of the new ministries.  We have opened our Cafe (Huddle).  It has been a wonderful success.  It is a hub for all who live in Falmouth, and particularly Students from Falmouth University.  Our Cafe is located on Arwenack Street (near King Charles the Martyr Church).    

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We give thanks for:

The appointment of Bill Stuart-White as Oversight Minister in Falmouth.

The appointment of Revd Chris Hassell as the Pioneer Minister

The appointment of Ben Barnes as our Student and Young Persons Minister

The growing relationships with students and the wider community

The various events and meetings at Huddle which people are engaging with

The opportunity to work together in mission with other churches in Falmouth

Please pray for:

The appointment of the Children & Families’ Leader

Revd Bill and All Saints as they move into a new phase of mission and ministry

Matt Parry as he supports the development of creative approaches to worship across the diocese

The Huddle Café and Bianca Parry (Manager)

Increased opportunities to share faith and grow disciples in Falmouth.




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